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How do i play event sound using WAAPI and JavaScript?

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I've tried to post events but no sound is played.

const resultId = await, {
  gameObject: 10,
  event: "SFX",

The only way to get anything playing is to use transport

const { transport } = await, {
  object: "{987BC7F5-1F5B-467D-8FCD-DC076E39598C}" //SFX event ID

await, {
  action: "play",
  transport: transport

Is there a simpler way? In various docs i've found reference to this statement "Posting an event will post a request to play something. This request will not be processed until the game calls the function RenderAudio();" but there is no way to call RenderAudio from JS.


asked Jun 3 in General Discussion by Marcin I. (100 points)

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