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Launcher does not work properly anymore, how can I fix it?

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The launcher is no longer working right. The home page does not load anything, just says "Initializing. Connecting to server...". Versions installed says "No versions currently installed." and I am unable to download newer versions, instead an error occurs saying "Could not retrieve information from server (TypeError: Cannot read property 'entryState' of undefined)."

Opening the log file shows a number of errors:

2021-06-03T21:20:24.261Z: Initializing module: proxy
2021-06-03T21:20:25.199Z: RESOLVE PROXY: DIRECT
2021-06-03T21:20:25.201Z: Setting new proxy for DIRECT bad=false

2021-06-03T21:20:24.208Z: installTable path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Audiokinetic\Data\install-table.json
2021-06-03T21:20:24.242Z: Error reading bundle file:
2021-06-03T21:20:24.243Z: TypeError: bundle.children is not iterable

2021-06-03T21:52:40.670Z: POST (21): err:null statusCode:200 PROXY: null
2021-06-03T21:52:43.360Z: Unable to get current integration version: version file not found

I can post the full log file too.

Reinstalling the launcher didn't change this problem. At this stage I cannot get new wwise versions or uninstall old versions. How do I fix this?
asked Jun 3 in General Discussion by Alex D. (110 points)
Just want to add that I'm also having similar issues relating to server connection with the latest version of the Wwise Launcher. Hopefully this gets resolved soon as it's preventing me from updating our version of the Unity integration.
Getting the same error on my Windows PC as well, but everything is fine on OSX (with new downloaded launcher file).

1 Answer

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I managed to get it working again by deleting the C:\Program Files (x86)\Audiokinetic\ and C:\Program Files\Wwise Launcher\ folders before re-installing. My guess is that C:\Program Files (x86)\Audiokinetic\Data\install-table.json was the culprit. Unfortunately, deleting it means having to re-install or relocate whatever versions of Wwise you were using.
answered 1 day ago by Brian C. (150 points)