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DllNotFoundException Unity Linux [closed]

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We're trying to upgrade to Wwise 2021.1.1 or 2021.1.2, but we have a DllNotfoundExeption error with the in Unity Linux Editor.

The library is correctly set in the editor, but no more information are available about the error, we don't know if it is a dependencies problem.

We've tested on a fresh empty projet, the error is still present.

DllNotFoundException: AkSoundEngine
AkSoundEngine.IsInitialized () (at Assets/Wwise/API/Runtime/Generated/Linux/AkSoundEngine_Linux.cs:110)
AkGameObj.OnDisable () (at Assets/Wwise/MonoBehaviour/Runtime/AkGameObj.cs:161)

DllNotFoundException: AkSoundEngine
AkSoundEngine.RegisterGameObj (UnityEngine.GameObject gameObject, System.String name) (at Assets/Wwise/API/Runtime/Handwritten/Common/AkSoundEngine.cs:105)
AkGameObj.Register () (at Assets/Wwise/MonoBehaviour/Runtime/AkGameObj.cs:68)
AkAudioListener.Awake () (at Assets/Wwise/MonoBehaviour/Runtime/AkAudioListener.cs:61)
closed as a duplicate of: Support on Unity Linux Editor
asked Jun 4, 2021 in General Discussion by Antoine G. (430 points)
closed Aug 6, 2021 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic)