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How to make object smash with sound effect in Unity?

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Hi there,


I'm working on the 3D Game Kit in Unity, and am looking to sync up a Wwise Event, which has my "crate_smash" sfx attached, to the destruction of a crate object in game when hit with the player's staff.

I feel like I am quite close to figuring it out, but I can't quite seem to piece it together. I suspect it is a case of creating an "AkEvent" (or similar) which triggers on some sort of collision which will then play the event when the object is destroyed, but I can't quite get this method to work for me with 100% success.


I have searched to see if there is an animation of the crate being destroyed which I could create an Animation Event and sync up my Wwise Event to as per this Cujo Sound tutorial: but I can't find an animation for the destruction of the crate, so wondering if there is another way to do this.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Many thanks
asked Jun 7 in General Discussion by Matthew T. (100 points)

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