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iOS Invalid file header

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Our Unity based project is currently stalled as we're unable to play audio events on iOS.

This log is from a simple test scene which works in the Editor as expected.

Timestamp    Type    Description    Wwise Object Name    Game Object Name    Wwise Object ID    Game Object ID    Scope
0:00:01.642    Bank    Bank Load Request Received (from Main.bnk)    Main        3161908922         
0:00:01.664    Bank    Bank Loaded (from Main)    Main        3161908922         
0:00:01.664    Event    Event Triggered    Event_Play_FL    GameObject    3734423637    2816    Game Object
0:00:01.664    Action Triggered    Play    WRST-TM190902cwAMBairFront    GameObject    100075785    2816    Game Object
0:00:01.664    Action Triggered    Play    WRST-TM190902cwBowWashFront    GameObject    562751510    2816    Game Object
0:00:01.664    Action Triggered    Play    WRST-TM190902cwCREAKS01front    GameObject    65534484    2816    Game Object
0:00:01.749    Error    Invalid file header: WRST-TM190902cwAMBairFront    WRST-TM190902cwAMBairFront    GameObject    100075785    2816    Game Object
0:00:01.749    Error    Invalid file header: WRST-TM190902cwBowWashFront    WRST-TM190902cwBowWashFront    GameObject    562751510    2816    Game Object
0:00:01.749    Error    Invalid file header: WRST-TM190902cwCREAKS01front    WRST-TM190902cwCREAKS01front    GameObject    65534484    2816    Game Object
0:00:01.749    Error    Failed creating source: WRST-TM190902cwAMBairFront    WRST-TM190902cwAMBairFront    GameObject    100075785    2816    Game Object
0:00:01.749    Error    Failed creating source: WRST-TM190902cwBowWashFront    WRST-TM190902cwBowWashFront    GameObject    562751510    2816    Game Object
0:00:01.749    Error    Failed creating source: WRST-TM190902cwCREAKS01front    WRST-TM190902cwCREAKS01front    GameObject    65534484    2816    Game Object
0:00:01.749    Notification    Event Finished        GameObject        2816    Game Object

These are the software and iOS versions we are using.
- Unity 2019.4.25f1
- Wwise 2019.1.3.7048
- iPhone 7 ( iOS 14.6 )

Would you be able to advise how to fix the issue?
asked 6 days ago in General Discussion by Wrestler L. (110 points)

1 Answer

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Are you using the AAC codec for these sounds?

Recent reports from other teams made us realize that the AAC decoder was broken by the 14.5.1 update of iOS. We recommend using the Vorbis codec as a workaround.
answered 6 days ago by Guillaume R. (Audiokinetic) (4,290 points)

Yes we were using the AAC codec.
I changed to using Vorbis and the profiler shows that the audio events are playing, and it looks like it's working fine. However there is no audio actually playing.
I made sure that the phone wasn't on mute, and that other audio would play fine in other apps.

I then upgraded the project to
Unity 2019.4.28f1
WWise 2019.1.11.7296
Audio continues not to play on the iPhone

I've double checked the 'There is no sound' steps in the Troubleshooting guide. The script execution order is correct.

I also tried changing the codec to PCM for iOS and it also did not play.