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In an RTPC, can Output Bus Volume property be a negative number?

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I have set up an RTPC with Output Bus Volume on the Y-axis, with a PlayerHealth game parameter (x-axis) mapped to it.

It seems that the Output Bus Volume only works in the positive range (greater than zero). Negative numbers seem to be treated as if they are zero.

Is this normal?

Or is it a bug? I ask this, because I *think* this was working fine, and then suddenly, without me changing anything, it behaved this way....
asked Jun 21, 2021 in General Discussion by Pietro S. (130 points)

1 Answer

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You can check the value range of the game parameter you created.

By default,

the minimum value for creating a new game parameter is 0 and the maximum value is 100 and the default is 50,

you need to reset the size of these three values according to your needs.
answered Jun 22, 2021 by Hou Chenzhong (Audiokinetic) (5,060 points)