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Invalid State Group ID

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I am encountering the error, "Invalid State Group ID", when integrating Wwwise 5159 into Unity 4.6.

We have verified that the project functions correctly from within Wwise by using the profiler and soundcaster. Everything looks and sounds right, and the state groups appear to be associated correctly, modifying the music exactly as expected. We have also verified that all necessary media files and stage groups are in the soundbank, and it is generated for the correct platform.

A similar problem was encountered earlier with switch groups, in which the switches simply weren't activating the expected audio source once in Unity. No error was even given Again- testing from within Wwise showed that the heirarchy and associations were correct. However, we could not locate the switches in the init.bnk, and also could not figure out how to load them into a different bank, so we altered the project to use states (the result is practically the same, and still achieves our goals).

FYI- this is a musical puzzle project, primarily dealing with audio in the interactive music heirarchy. All of the sounds in random containers in the actor-mixer heirarchy are playing correctly within Unity.

Any suggestions?

asked Dec 9, 2014 in General Discussion by Elizabeth Z. (150 points)
I'm getting a similar error. I keep getting a lot of Invalid State Group ID (Object: -1) errors. I've checked to make sure that all my events and sounds are hooked up properly.

Any ideas why this might be happening?



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I had the same problem for Switches and States. Everything would work perfectly in the Wwise editor but throw all sorts of errors in Unity. Strangely, when someone else on the team would generate banks with my project...everything would work. We figured out that my Init.bnk file was not being updated when I generated banks. I tried manually deleting those files from my local disk and re-generating. Low and behold all my old lost data has re-appeared!

Maybe it was some stale corrupt file. Who knows. But hopefully that works for someone else too.
answered Jul 11, 2016 by Brad F. (160 points)