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Wwise Audio Input issue - Mac OS

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I am following the Wwise 301 Lesson 4 "Posting Audio Input" and when I create the Sound SFX and assign the Wwise Audio input to it, Wwise crashes. I think it could be because I am working on Mac OS, and I am not being able to grant Wwise permission to the computer's microphone...I am not figuring out how to add Wwise (or perhaps Wine64) as a permitted app under the "Privacy" section on the System Preferences, since there appear automatically the apps that requested access to the mic (no way to add them manually) and this one is not showing...

I had to remove the SFX from the code to be able to run the WAG project cause it was freezing on load.

Have anyone had the same issue?

asked Jul 1, 2021 in General Discussion by Cecilia Ines G. (150 points)
retagged Jul 20, 2021 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic)
I also have a Mac and same problem

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EDIT: An underlying issue resulting from launching Wwise with a project directly from the Launcher causes the Audio Input to crash Wwise on macOS. Until this issue is resolved, the workaround is to launch Wwise directly from the Wwise tab in the Launcher or from Finder by double-clicking on 

The privacy settings for Microphone must be requested by the application. I can confirm this behavior works as intended in 2019.1.11, which is the version used for the 301 course.

If you are on a multi-account machine, make sure the permission is not granted on another user's account and that your user account has the permission to modify the privacy settings.
You can try resetting the microphone permissions globally by running the following command in

tccutil reset Microphone

The applications list in the Privacy panel for the Microphone permission should be empty following that command. Try reopening Wwise and adding the Audio Input plug-in again: the popup should prompt you to allow the Microphone.
If this is still not working, you can try to reset the permissions of the other accounts on your machine.

answered Jul 19, 2021 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (23,300 points)
selected Jul 20, 2021 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic)
Thanks for the answer Samuel.
While trying to fix this issue I discovered that if I try the same task on another new Wwise project, it works, and so I could grant Wwise the mic permission finally. But the WAG session unfortunately is still freezing when I assign "Wwise Audio Input" to an SFX object.. :( (I am working on Wwise 2019.1.11.7296)
It is strange it would work in a clean project, but not in the WAG project. We will do some investigation on our side, thanks for the details.
We have been able to reproduce the issue. I have found a workaround that should unblock you: open directly either from the Wwise tab in the Launcher or by double-clicking the application in Finder and open the project from the Project Launcher dialog.

The issue appears to lie in the way Wwise is launched with arguments from the Launcher. Can you confirm the workaround works on your side?
Hi Samuel,
Yes, it worked! Thank you!! :)