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[XB1] XDK Compatibility of Wwise SDK

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We're currently using Wwise in our multi platform project and we just started integrating it for the Xbox One platform.
The documentation states that the latest release is compatible with the XDK of September QFE1. Our game is currently running on the XDK release of November and it seems to cause problems (More precisely : the initialization of the SoundEngine crashes).
Can you confirm that each build of the SDK is only compatible with one version of the XDK and not with the following ones?
If that's the case, when can we expect a newer build? Could we ask one for a specific XDK version?
asked Dec 11, 2014 in General Discussion by Antoine V. (100 points)

2 Answers

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Please use version 2014.1.2, which was built with November 2014 XDK.
answered Dec 15, 2014 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (30,260 points)
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Any "modern" updated on this thread?

I'm having problem using Wwise 2018.1.5.6835.2019.1.28, UE 4.21 and XDK 2018_06_qfe6_20180606. Are they compatible?
Which is the suggested XDK with this versions of Wwise and UE4?

Thank you.
answered Mar 13, 2019 by Andrea R. (260 points)