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Best practice for multiple languages with External Sources in Unreal

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I'm wondering if there is any advice on best practice for localisation when using external sources in Unreal with event based packaging?

UE4 creates uassets for external sources, with platform data, but it is not clear how best to manage the external source media for the other languages.. Can the AkExternalSourceMedia uassets contain the data for the other languages? Do we need to have a entirely different set of External Source uassets for each language? There doesnt appear to be much information about how this works in the event based packing integration..

Anyone done this successfully or have any insights?

asked Sep 2, 2021 in General Discussion by Simon G. (220 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Simon,

As far as I know there is no extra management in Wwise for localizable external sources. You must do it on your own in UE project but that should not be so hard. Just create data table structure where you can put external source uasset for every localization you want to support.

Hope it helps!
answered Sep 2, 2021 by Karel B. (320 points)