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Unable to create a Curve through Waapi

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I would like to create a Curve through ak.wwise.core.object.create, the documentation indicates that it's possible (This page links to the page for supported types, and "Curve" is one of them.). The Curve I need to add is to assign an RTPC to a property on a Bus.

However, for the creation call we must specify a parent object, but it's unclear which types are acceptable as parents. I tried to view an existing Curve's parent object created manually through the authoring tool with WAQL. $ "{my-curve-id}" shows that "1 object is found", however, when I try $ "{my-curve-id}" select parent  no objects are found, which seems to indicate that this object doesn't have a parent. However, the call to ak.wwise.core.object.create will fail if no parent is specified.

I've tried a few random objects as parents, but generally get the error "Curve can't be child of ..."

If it's possible to create curves through waapi, what are acceptable parents?

Otherwise, can I workaround this by modifying the wwu file directly with some guid I generate myself? 

asked Sep 2 in General Discussion by Sheri B. (260 points)

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Full support for RTPC in WAAPI will be added in next version 2022.1.

Yes, modifying the WWU files directly is the best workaround right now. You can generate the GUIDs.
answered Sep 7 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (31,550 points)
selected Sep 7 by Sheri B.