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Reference viewer does not find associations between Events -> Soundbanks if they are contained in a Virtual folder

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I occasionally need to track down which soundbanks a particular event is included in.  This works fine if the event has been added to the soundbanks directly, but in the case that the event is inside a virtual folder, and that virtual folder has been added to the soundbank, the reference viewer returns 0 results.

It would be great if the reference viewer could find the event -> soundbank associations even when they have been added to the soundbanks as a part of a virtual folder.
asked Sep 7, 2021 in Feature Requests by Simon P. (240 points)

1 Answer

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This is possible through WAQL in 2021.1. Here is the query, in which you can replace the first path with a path from any event in the project:

$ "\Events\InteractiveMusic\IM_Start" select this, ancestors select referencesTo where type = "soundbank"

The query is:

  • Taking the specified object from the path (an event in this case)
  • From this object, Retrieving the object itself and all of its ancestors
  • From these objects, Retrieve the references to them (which are soundbanks)
  • Add a filter to only keep soundbank types

More information about WAQL:

answered Sep 7, 2021 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (35,110 points)
Thanks for the swift response Bernard, I'll try this out.