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Can no longer drag and drop audio files from Finder into Wwise

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Hi Folks,

I run Wwise on a Mac using a Windows Virtual Machine (Parallels). Since a recent Parallels update (Version 17.0.1) I can no longer drag and drop audio files from Finder onto Wwise objects. Still works fine using Shift-I (Import Audio Files), but I miss my trusty and fast drag and drop.

I know this isn’t a Parallels support forum, but I figured there may well be another Wwise user also using Parallels who’s experienced the same issue.

Here’s a video showing this behaviour:




asked Sep 9 in General Discussion by Simon P. (210 points)
I can reproduce this issue with 17.0.0 as well. A workaround is to use the Windows Explorer with your mac HDD mounted as a network device (through the builtin shared folder feature). Otherwise, I assume the mac version of Wwise is not an option for you?
Thanks for verifying this Samuel. I'll try the windows explorer sharing option you suggested. The Mac version of Wwise isn't an option as I need source control. It would be so wonderful if that was eventually added to the Mac version.
No problem, hopefully this is a viable workaround. Source Control is definitely something on our radar for mac. As for Parallels, I suggest requesting support from them and reporting the issue so that it can be addressed on their side.
Your solution works great Samuel. I'll poke the Parallels team and hope they can fix the bug.

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