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UE4 Sounds no longer player when using a Custom character as DefaultPawn

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We've created a custom character C++ class the derives from ACharacter.  This character uses most of the basic functionality of ACharacter and currently it only adds extra mesh components for having a modular character.  We created a Blueprint that has our new Character class as it's base.  We also created a Game Mode class that derives from AGameMode.  In the new Game Modes constructor we are setting DefaultPawnClass to be the GeneratedClass of our Blueprint character.  With this set up no of the Wwise audio events will play.  But if I change the GameMode back to the default one that is auto created by the project wizard or simply remove the line that assigns our blueprint to the DefaultPawnClass, all the sounds with work fine.  Is there something that the Engine's DefaultPawn Class is doing that we are missing when we create our own character that would cause this problem?

For testing purposes, I am using the Level Blueprint to post the audio events when I press the 'E' key.  In both scenarios outlined above the Level Blueprint is the same.  The only difference that I can identify is that we are changing the DefaultPawnClass to be a custom blueprint based off of a c++ base class that we wrote.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.  I can provide more details if needed.


asked Dec 12, 2014 in General Discussion by Jared M. (220 points)
Is the Input event in the Level Blueprint getting triggered?

How are you triggering the events exactly (as in, which node)?

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