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WAAPI - Music Transitions + Jumping To Specific Playlist Item

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Recently I've improved many long workflows using a combination of python's ElementTree API and WAAPI.

ElementTree allows me to get object GUIDs I can't get with wwise.core.object.get() such as MusicClips, MusicTrackSequences, MusicTransitions, etc. I can then modify the available properties using WAAPI.

A specific question I had: is there a way to set the specific playlist item through WAAPI?
According to the work units xml, this is referred to as the 'JumpToPlaylistItemRef' with an ID that matches the item you are references (e.g sequence step group, music playlist, music segment).
If not, are there plans to make this available to write via WAAPI? It would exponentially speed up my workflow.
asked Sep 30, 2021 in Feature Requests by Cameron Konner (200 points)

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