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WAMP error preventing profiling "Waiting for user to close a modal dialog" Wwise/Unity [closed]

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We recently upgraded our project from Unity 2018.4.28f1 and Wwise 2018.1.7.6880 to Unity 2020.3.19f1 and Wwise 2021.1.3.7665.

Since upgrading, when I connect Wwise to the game running in editor, after connecting it presents this error:, when the game is running and I open the Remote Connections dialog, it spams the following error:

WampInvokeError	WAMP CALL error 'ak.wwise.locked' invoking 'ak.wwise.core.object.get': 'Cannot execute call because Wwise has an exclusive lock. Please try again later.'	Args:
    "waql": "from type Project"
, Options:
    "return": [
, Details:
    "reasons": [
        "Waiting for user to close a modal dialog"
    "procedureUri": "ak.wwise.core.object.get"

I can connect to the instance of the game. Wwise then connects and I can see audio bouncing the meters, but hitting the Capture button (or Alt+C) does nothing and Wwise refuses to Profile in real time.

As far as I can tell, there is no modal dialog open in Unity. I have tried resetting the Unity layout to ensure nothing custom is open/docked in Unity, the results are the same.
This is a showstopper on our project, any help would be greatly appreciated.


closed with the note: Solved problem.
asked Oct 7 in General Discussion by Joe C. (100 points)
closed Oct 7 by Joe C.

1 Answer

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The message is coming from the WAAPI server (which runs in the Wwise Authoring application) and the modal window in question is in fact the Remote Connections dialog.
We are aware of these errors being logged in such scenarios and are working towards a fix, however these are benign.

Once you connect to your game however, the real-time capture should be active by default (LIVE button in later Wwise releases): there is no need to click the Capture button.
answered Oct 7 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (11,900 points) 1 flag
The Filter on the Profiler was active, which explains why I was seeing nothing. After removing the filter, this error showed up:

Could not create profiler file: Project folder doesn't have Write permissions.

I checked out two "" and "" files in P4, and the Profiler is now working!

I have not had to do this in past versions, is there a way to make those files check out automatically?
Was informed after posting the above that .prof files should be in our p4ignore file. Going forward with that now. Thanks for the help!