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Bank generation no longer copies loose files

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I've been testing out PrepareEvent et al with a view to moving our WW integration over to it.  I had to spend some time on another task, and when I came back to this project a few days ago I found that generating the banks no longer copies over the loose files.  Nor is it copying over the SB_*.bnk files.  I'm using the technique described in method #5 on this page, and that explicitly states that "The loose media referenced by the banks will, by default, be copied to the same output directory as the SoundBank using the CopyStreamedFiles tool."

Curiously it doesn't even copy over files I do include in the banks but mark as streaming, implying that something is wrong wtih the CopyStreamedFiles post-generation step.

I've tried rolling back WW to the version I last remember it working on but that did not solve the issue, so I'm guessing some piece of metadata has gone wrong somewhere.  I've also tried deleting the cache and remaking the banks, events and sources, but no luck with that either.

To make sure there was no other issue I parsed the SoundBanksInfo.xml file and manually copied the files from the cache to their appropriate ID filenames.  This caused my test app to be able to load the sounds again, but obviously that's not a long-term solution.

Can anyone help me out?

asked Oct 14, 2021 in General Discussion by Sam B (220 points)

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Found the answer:

Looking around the settings I saw that in Project Settings -> SoundBanks -> Post-Generation Step the "Copy Streamed Files" entry had a blank command line.  Checking against a newly-created project showed that that line _should_ have something like this in it:

"$(WwiseExePath)\CopyStreamedFiles.exe" -info "$(InfoFilePath)" -outputpath "$(SoundBankPath)" -banks "$(SoundBankList)" -languages "$(LanguageList)"

Putting that into the command line in my original project fixed the issue, with all loose files being copied once again.

I've no idea how that entry became blank in the few months or so I was off this project, but if it's a common problem I hope my sacrifice of public dignity helps other people as well.  :)
answered Oct 14, 2021 by Sam B (220 points)
selected Oct 18, 2021 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic)