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UE4 generate soundbanks commandlet never checks in changes, is this known?

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Hey, when using UE4 with event based packing. I have noticed that the generatesoundbanks commandlet will never check in any changes.

It seems to be a logic bug in the GeneratesoundbanksCommandlet, can someone from AK confirm? (as described

This is because in UGenerateSoundBanksCommandlet::Main() the autosave property is hard coded to true (builder->AutoSave = true;). Which resulta in packages getting saved during the soundbank builder DoWork(). When a package is saved its Dirty flag is cleared...
But at the end of the commandlet, it tries to find the dirty packages for check in using -> FEditorFileUtils::GetDirtyContentPackages(PackagesToSave);
But all the packages have previously been saved! So PackagesToSave is always empty!
USourceControlHelpers::CheckInFiles() is only called if (PackagesToSave.Num() > 0).... 
It is always empty, because all the dirty packages were already saved earlier in the generation....

The workaround is to comment out this line in GenerateSoundBanksCommandlet.cpp(306)
builder->AutoSave = true;
But it is desirable that changed files do get saved, so this is not a good solution..

Can anyone confirm this? I tried reporting a bug through the Wwise launcher, but it is stuck trying to get versions from the server :(

asked Oct 19, 2021 in General Discussion by Simon G. (220 points)

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