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Help with Distance Based Blend Tracks Causing Audio Cutoff

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I have a blend container with 3 separate sounds, each exported from my DAW with processing to give a greater distance feeling. I am using my Distance_to_Listener game parameter to control how these sounds crossfade into each other.

The problem is, if a player's distance is just outside the bounds of my first crossfade, and they move quickly enough to enter the next blend track, the entire audio is cut off. If the player is a distance that is within the bounds of my first crossfade, and they move away in the same manner, everything plays as expected.
Ideally, all 3 of my sounds (close, medium, far) would be passively playing each time the event is triggered, so that if a character changes distance, they will hear the assigned sound, even if it's just the tail-end.

Please help!
asked Oct 21, 2021 in General Discussion by Braden P. (100 points)

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