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aksink plugin Crash in wwise2021.1.1.7601 with ue4.26 when ios Switch to background

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The crash stack is follewed. Can i get all infomation to check this error?

CAkSinkiOS::Configure(AkChannelConfig&) AkSink.cpp:186 +4
CAkSinkiOS::Configure(AkChannelConfig&) AkSink.cpp:170 +16
CAkSinkiOS::Activate(AkChannelConfig&) AkSink.cpp:269 +12
AkDevice::CreateSink() /Volumes/SSD/Jenkins/ws/wwise_v2021.1/Wwise/SDK/source/SoundEngine/AkAudiolib/Common/AkOutputMgr.cpp:1284 +32
AkDevice::ReInitSink() /Volumes/SSD/Jenkins/ws/wwise_v2021.1/Wwise/SDK/source/SoundEngine/AkAudiolib/Common/AkOutputMgr.cpp:971 +0
CAkOutputMgr::ManageDevicesState(bool) /Volumes/SSD/Jenkins/ws/wwise_v2021.1/Wwise/SDK/source/SoundEngine/AkAudiolib/Common/AkOutputMgr.cpp:2229 +8
CAkOutputMgr::SetDeviceSuspended(bool, bool, unsigned int) /Volumes/SSD/Jenkins/ws/wwise_v2021.1/Wwise/SDK/source/SoundEngine/AkAudiolib/Common/AkOutputMgr.cpp:2083 +92
CAkOutputMgr::ManageDevicesState(bool) /Volumes/SSD/Jenkins/ws/wwise_v2021.1/Wwise/SDK/source/SoundEngine/AkAudiolib/Common/AkOutputMgr.cpp:2171 +0
CAkAudioMgr::Perform(bool) /Volumes/SSD/Jenkins/ws/wwise_v2021.1/Wwise/SDK/source/SoundEngine/AkAudiolib/Common/AkAudioMgr.cpp:492 +4
CAkAudioThread::EventMgrThreadFunc(void*) /Volumes/SSD/Jenkins/ws/wwise_v2021.1/Wwise/SDK/source/SoundEngine/AkAudiolib/POSIX/AkAudioThread.cpp:68 +0
asked Nov 9, 2021 in General Discussion by Sambeau W. (140 points)
recategorized Nov 10, 2021 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic)
Thank you for the details. To make sure this gets processed adequately, you can report this bug using the Bug Reporter ( or open a Support Ticket (
After I have reported this problem, How can get the feedback?
Only Support Tickets get response regarding reports at the moment. I can however confirm we have received your bug report and think this issue was fixed in Wwise 2021.1.2 (WG-54945, see I suggest you upgrade to the latest patch release of Wwise.

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