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UE4 c++ SetSwitch

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My issue is the lack of documentation for UE4 C++ integration. I am trying to use switches in UE4 C++. Wwise is all setup, switches and all. I am able to get the default sound to play. But, I am not understanding switches in C++. This is for a custom notify event for footsteps as an example. The physical material is set.

Looking at the setswitch parameters are different then what the code is asking for:
SetSwitch(class UAkSwitchValue const* SwitchValue, class AActor* Actor, FName SwitchGroup, FName SwitchState)

Actor is understandable.

Is SwitchGroup the switch group name in Wwise? And SwitchState the state I want to play?

SwitchValue I can create a UPROPERTY to set but how does one set it according to the physical material? Is THIS the sound I want to play?

It is not clear how to call SetSwitch.

Please, some assistance would be greatly appreciated.
asked Nov 15, 2021 in General Discussion by Cody C. (110 points)

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