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Integrating Wwise through Unity package registry

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We're running our own package registry which we use for maintaining our engine and tools codebase, where we host our own packages in a similar manner as Unity does in order to integrate our systems with the Unity package ecosystem. We've previously had our own audio engine of sorts on top of Unity's audio, but are now looking into supporting Wwise instead.

Some parts of the Wwise integration are packages, but come bundled along with the rest of the integration upon running the integration steps through the Launcher. What we'd want to do is being able to download it through the package manager, either the entire thing or just the "packaged" parts of the integration (API, Timeline, MonoBehaviour etc) We could self-host those packages, but are unsure what would be the smoothest way to integrate it in new projects, as parts would be the packages and the rest through the launcher. It's also unclear to me how much each integration differs between projects and Unity version.

Are there any already established workflows to integrating Wwise through packages, or anything that's being worked on?
asked Nov 24, 2021 in General Discussion by Johan F. (100 points)

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