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Taking a UE4 Project from someone else and Intergrating Wwise.

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Hey. Im working on my first Game Jam and will be recieving a UE4 Project. I would like to intergrate Wwise to this project. Then send it back and have it run the same for them as it does for me. Now, im not in charge of the project so i believe they will be sending me the levels as they are done and i add audio to them. I have started a Wwise project to get stuff in order, so when i go to intergrate in to the UE4 project in the Wwise Launcher, the Wwise project path will be what i am currently working on. 

This is a link to what what my Folder layout looks like. This is a Test project i have done. BUT im guessing its not as simple as just sendin the 'Test - Adventure game' folder to another computer and it just works.

Could anyone give me an adive on what the best course of action is so i can, intergrate into the project and send to him. 


Thanks In Advance




asked Nov 29, 2021 in General Discussion by Dominic H. (100 points)

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