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M1 Mac / Monterey Compatibility

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Hello there, 

I'm about to receive a new M1 Mac at work shortly (will prob come with Monterey OS), and am struggling to find a compatibility list on the AK website to check that I can still run Wwise 2019.1.9.7221 before I make the jump.  

I found an FAQ here on the Q&A page but the date of that post is a year ago, so struggling to find new info.  

Worst case, we could install Parallels, but would also appreciate a check on that, because I think that'll push me to Win11 (in a VM).  

If anyone has any knowledge on this, that would be great!  

Many thanks, 

Andy Grier



asked Nov 30, 2021 in General Discussion by Andy G. (100 points)

1 Answer

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I can confirm Wwise 2019.1.9.7221 works on macOS Monterey on a M1 machine.

Note that you will get this warning on the first execution:

This has been fix in the latest versions of Wwise (2021.1 and 2019.2). Despite that, Wwise itself works normally.

answered Dec 1, 2021 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (13,120 points)