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No Audio when Reloading script assemblies Unity

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I have worked with Wwise in Unity for a bit and every time I make a change in a script, Unity Realoads script assemblies and after that, no sound is playing when starting the game. But active events queues up and playes all of them when exit playmode.
I did some digging and found out that "ms_Instance" in AkInitializer.cs is null. The Awake function that sets "ms_Instance = this" is only calles when exiting playmode and when starting up Unity. (I guess since it has "[UnityEngine.ExecuteInEditMode]"). It works fince as long as I dont change code and restarting the game fixes the problem as well.
Though restarting the game to hear sound every time I change the code is pretty anoying.

I solved it by adding

if (ms_Instance == null)


if (ms_Instance == this)

inside "OnEnable". But I think that I probably did something wrong for this to happen I shouldnt have to fix it this way. No clue though.
asked Dec 3, 2021 in General Discussion by Jonas N. (100 points)

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