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On launch seeing error 'Bulk data streaming request for '' (ID: ) was cancelled. Media will be unavailable.'

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I'm updating our Unreal Engine game to Wwise 2021.1.5.7749. We are using the Wwise Unreal Plugin.

When the game launches I'm seeing lots of these warnings:
     LogAkAudio: Error: Bulk data streaming request for '' (ID: 162828895) was cancelled. Media will be unavailable.

There's around 800 such lines in the log - it feels like the game is trying to load all events on launch and that all the requests are getting cancelled.
However despite all the warnings, audio behaves correctly once in-game and there are no errors in the Wwise profiler.

I have not been able to find any reference to this error online, and we did not see it prior to updating Wwise.

Has anyone else experienced this?


asked Jan 6 in General Discussion by Robin F. (100 points)

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