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Adding custom plugin from launcher failed "Could not retrieve information from server, package incompatible with target"

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Hi, all

I encountered a problem when trying to develop a custom plugin following the Doc creating a Lowpass Plugin

after a process of
python "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" premake Windows_vc160
python "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" premake Authoring
python "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" build Windows_vc160 -c Release
python "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" build Authoring -c Release -x x64_vc160
python "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" build Documentation

python "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" package Common --version=XXXX.X.X.X
python "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" package Documentation --version=XXXX.X.X.X
python "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" package Windows_vc160 --version=XXXX.X.X.X
python "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" package Authoring --version=XXXX.X.X.X
python "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" generate-bundle --version=XXXX.X.X.X

and copied the output archives and bundle.json into a zip file.

and from the launcher Plug-ins tab, select add from Archive emits the error  "Could not retrieve information from server (Cannot install from C:\xxxxxxx\Lowpass The specified package is incompatible with the target)"


As a matter of fact, even a newly created plugin with not a single modification of code or anything produces the same error after the same process

 Wwise version: 2021.1.5.7749

Did i do anything wrong or miss any steps? just couldn't install the archived plugin from the launcher.

Any help would be highly appreciated!


Best Regards
asked Jan 12 in General Discussion by J X. (130 points)

1 Answer

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Validate that your bundle.json has the correct version that corresponds to the Wwise YEAR.MAJOR version.

By default, the bundle_template.json uses the YEAR.MAJOR version from your plug-in's version (format YEAR.MAJOR.MINOR.BUILD) to match a target Wwise version that is compatible. Note that the Plug-in API remains stable across minor releases.
For example, for Wwise 2021.1.5.749, you would need to pass a plug-in version to "package" and "generate-bundle" of the form 2021.1.x.x, and this will fill in the fields productDependentData.targetWwiseVersion.year and productDependentData.targetWwiseVersion.major in the generated bundle.json file with 2021 and 1, respectively.

If you wish to use a custom version scheme for your plug-in, you can edit bundle_template.json and set the properties of productDependentData.targetWwiseVersion manually to the YEAR.MAJOR version of Wwise you target.
answered Jan 13 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (13,080 points)
selected Jan 14 by J X.
Thanks Samuel!
Changing the version of the "package" and "generate-bundle" command to match that of the Wwise version solves the issue.