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Batch adjusting volumes in a relative fashion

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Is it possible to adjust multiple audio object's volume settings in a relative fashion, with a max volume threshold?

For example, my current project is too quite overall.  I want to take my 1000+ objects and turn them all up 6db from where they are at, but not exceed a max volume setting of 0.

Another example with a batch increase of 6dB:

Audio Object #1:    Was: -6dB  -  Now: 0dB
Audio Object #2:    Was: -2dB  -  Now: 0dB
Audio Object #3:    Was: - 26dB - Now: -20dB


asked Jan 13, 2015 in General Discussion by Mike (330 points)

2 Answers

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You could do some of that through busses. So for example bus A will have +6 db and you route all the objects with -6 and -26 through that bus. Then you could makebus B with +2 db for the -2db objects. But right now everything is probably routed through the master bus which you could just put a +6 db to that but you'll also give the #2 objects +6 db
answered Jan 14, 2015 by Robert M. (4,640 points)
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Three possible ways:

A) Like Robert M. said, if they all go through a couple of busses, tune the volume on the bus(sses)

B) Regroup all those object under a hierachy of Actor-Mixer, and change the volume of the Actor-Mixer.  This adds a volume offset to the children.  The Actor-Mixer purpose is to share some properties with a group of objects.

C) Multi-select all your 1000 objects in the Project Explorer, right-click and select Multi-Edit.  Expand the "Audio" node and enter 6+ in the Volume box (means "add 6").  If you enter only 6, it will set 6 to everything, which is not what you want.

There is no volume limiting feature in any of those scenario.  But you could do a Query (F3) to gather all objects that are over 0dB in volume and set them directly.


answered Jan 15, 2015 by Mathieu J. (Audiokinetic) (7,120 points)
selected Jan 20, 2015 by Mike
Thanks, Mathieu. "C" is what I was looking for! :)

Also, found this link over the weekend which contains your answer: