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UI not refreshing after running Waapi script

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Hi all, I'm having an issue where occasionally I'll run a Waapi script and the UI won't refresh and I won't see my changes even if it correctly does what I scripted it to do. For example, if I generate play events from a selected object, it will not show the events generated until I close Wwise and reopen. After that it will work fine until it breaks again, usually in around 5-10 uses of the script. Also, I have noticed that when this happens, the asterisk next to the project name indicating that there are unsaved changes also won't go away after I save. If it matters, I've been using python as my language for the scripts.

Is there any way to force Wwise to refresh the UI when using a script? Would be nice to have start and stop UI refresh functions similar to how the undo blocks works if we don't have those already. This is functionality that I've seen used in reaper scripts that would be a nice addition to the API.
asked Jan 24, 2022 in General Discussion by Alex B. (140 points)
To gather the full context, it'd be useful to fill in a Bug Report

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Please note would normally automatically refresh when doing operations in WAAPI.

If it does not refresh, I see two possible reasons:
- non matching calls to ak.wwise.core.undo.beginGroup and ak.wwise.core.undo.endGroup, which could make Wwise think you are not finished with the operations, post-postponing the updates for later.
- a bug in Wwise (which case, we would like to see the script, and specifically which function you call)
answered Jan 25, 2022 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (34,470 points)
As far as I'm aware the begin/end group calls are working properly as they are functionally working to actually undo/redo properly. I might be mistaken and not properly using them however as I'm pretty green to Waapi.

What is the best way to send my script over?
You can post a pastebin link if it's just a single script.
If you have a github account, you can also use the "gist" feature:

Here's the script. It's quite inconsistent with it not updating but it does happen pretty frequently.

I also was on 2021.1.5 and just upgraded to .6 so I've yet to test and see if the new update has made things easier