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Waapi FindInProjectExplorerSyncGroup1 Argument not selecting multiple objects when an array is passed in

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Hi all,

Been trying to make a simple script where it will select all children of the selected object. My script isn't throwing back any errors but no matter what I set for the arguments, I'm only seeing the script select the first object in the array. I tried hard coding GUID's and paths of the children, passing in variables, and nothing seems to work. The documentation leads me to believe that the argument should be able to select multiple objects if I needed ( but doesn't seem to be working. I've tried using a for loop to parse through each child and nothing seems to be working.

Here's the script it's current state:

Again, like I mentioned. I've also replaced the variable listChildID here with an array of GUID's and paths that I've shift +right clicked to grab from my project

Seems like a bug with the function? But not sure if this is user error somehow

asked Jan 27, 2022 in General Discussion by Alex B. (200 points)

Better code. Realized there was an error in the one I posted after I tried to clean up the sloppy commented out stuff I Was trying

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