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'Vorbis' reported 'failed to open output file' for XX

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I am changing soundbanks from the Windows platform to a new Switch platform using Wwise 2018.1.11. In doing so i've gone through the share sets and went through the factory conversion settings unit transferring the share sets from their previous format to the Vorbis format.
After doing so I receive 18 errors of " 'Vorbis' reported 'Failed to open output file' for 'file_name'.wav ", for 18 different files.
In searching for these .wav file names in Wwise I see two results of audio source files, and in trying to open the .wav locations of both I am presented with the same directory per duplicate.

In the case of the share sets that contain the 18 audio sources we have these settings for Windows::
Channels: As Input
sample Rate: As Input
Min Sample Rate: None
Max Sample Rate: None
Format: PCM

I have changed this share set to these settings for Switch;
Channels: As input
Sample Rate: As Input
Min Sample Rate: None
Max Sample Rate: None
Format: Vorbis
Quality; 4

I'm uncertain what's causing this failure to open the output files, I am still able to generate the Windows sound banks without any errors or warnings besides files duplicated audio source files used between multiple sound banks. In making the Switch platform I used Windows as the base for the settings and since then the only other work I've done was setting various audio source files to streaming and zero latency.
asked Feb 9, 2022 in General Discussion by Sugu L. (150 points)

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