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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
What's New in 2013.1.2?

2013.1.2 is a patch release. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2013.1.1 and version 2013.1.2.

Platform SDK changes

  • Xbox One: updated to May XDK
  • PS4: update to SDK 0.990

Bug Fixes

  • WG-23265 Fixed: Wwise Motion Generator Duration parameter is not using valid values with RTPC
  • WG-23271 Fixed: External sources have a potential buffer overrun
  • WG-22964 Fixed: Source Editor | Reset does not refresh curve in Sound Engine
  • WG-23264 Fixed: Motion plays at full volume when sound starts under volume threshold
  • WG-23263 Fixed: ASSERT in CAkVPLSrcCbxNodeBase::ComputeSpeakerMatrix2D when changing positioning type with a game object that has many listeners
  • WG-23261 Fixed: Motion volume not working properly in 3D User Defined mode
  • WG-23120 Fixed: Motion Voice volume not behaving as expected with 2D positioning
  • WG-23055 Fixed: Using source editor trim with HDR envelopes does not work
  • WG-23038 Fixed: Crash when connected and posting in loop the same event
  • WG-23230 Fixed: Crash when reading loudness normalization on some platforms from files that have markers with odd-length names
  • WG-23251 Fixed: Freeze in envelope analysis with very large files
  • WG-23069 Fixed: some ProTools WAV files fail to play in Wwise Authoring when original file playback is enabled.
  • WG-23045 Fixed: Memory leak situation that could happen after running out of memory.
  • WG-23235 Fixed: (WiiU) Ak::SoundEngine::Wii::SendMainToDevice crashes
  • WG-23199 Fixed: (WiiU) Memory corruption when using LPF on WiiU in certain conditions
  • WG-23059 Fixed: (PS3) Pragma push(pack) warnings on PS3 caused by SDK include AkTypes.h.
  • WG-23104 Fixed: (PS3) Meters broken on master audio bus. The displayed level is the same for all channels
  • WG-23135 Fixed: (PS3) Mix busses may be destroyed too early on the PS3, resulting in suboptimal resource allocation
  • WG-23121 Fixed: (iOS) Sound engine will switch to silent mode if iOS audio driver dies.
  • WG-23255 Fixed: (iOS) Crash when locking screen during initialization
  • WG-23247 Fixed: (Android) When app is in background, it is still taking audio CPU