SoundSeed™ is an award-winning family of interactive sound generators used to create rich audio content that can be used alone or in combination with other pre-recorded sounds. Soundseed’s real-time audio effect plug-ins allow you to create variations from your audio source files through cross-synthesis, and allow you to adapt them dynamically according to your project’s conditions.

Increase creativity and generate infinite variety

  • Create variations from a single piece of source audio
  • Combine real sources with appropriate variables
  • Create physically impossible and unique sounds that sound realistic, by simulating through cross-synthesis
  • Rapidly iterate and experiment, to create that perfect result

Increase immersion with interactivity

  • Drive audio parameters such as frequency stretching and magnitude scaling
  • Dynamically adapt your audio to your project’s conditions by attaching synth parameters to your project’s parameters

Optimize memory and CPU usage

  • Use fewer source assets by creating a variety of sound results from a single source asset
  • Use higher bitrate assets and higher-quality effects while optimizing memory and CPU usage with synthesized sounds

SoundSeed™ Air synthesizes an infinite variety of wind and whoosh effects.

SoundSeed™ Grain allows the transformation of audio files with extreme flexibility through granular synthesis and derivatives such as cloud, pulsar, concatenative and wavetable synthesis.

SoundSeed™ Impact allows the transformation of model parameters by operating directly on detected resonance characteristics and by synthesizing the output sound using the transformed model.