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Monitoring Game Objects and Listeners with Watches

Watches are individual processes you can use to monitor the game objects in your game. When you assign a Watch to a game object, the Watch reports back on a regular basis with details about that item's status. The information retrieved through these Watches can be used by the Game Object 3D Viewer, the RTPC tab graph, the Attenuation Editor, and the Game Sync Monitor. If you don't watch any game objects, you won't see any data in the game object profiling views.

Game object Watches can be based on either name or ID. Multiple game objects can share the same name within a game, but object IDs are unique. Therefore, if you want to create one Watch that monitors many identical objects (such as drones), use a name-based Watch. On the other hand, if you want to make sure to monitor only one particular object, create an ID-based Watch.

Working with Watches can involve the following tasks: