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Is it possible to use dialog events in Unreal Engine 4?

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Same as above:

Is it possible to use dialog events in Unreal Engine 4? Is it only available thru API?



asked Jan 19, 2015 in General Discussion by Marcin S. (280 points)
As far as I know, dialog objects are triggered by a normal event event, just like an SFX object, aren't they? The only thing to make sure is that the corresponding language is determined by UE4.
I forgot about the dialog- they're a different type of event. I have a functionning UE4 project I am currently working on. I will try it out early tomorrow morning and let you know, if there's no answer by then...

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As of today, dialog events are only available through the API; some code will be required on your part. I have added the request to our backlog, but can't give a time estimate. Thanks for the suggestion!
answered Jan 20, 2015 by Benoit S. (Audiokinetic) (16,020 points)
selected Jan 23, 2015 by Marcin S.
Thanks- this was a question that was coming up for my project too.
Thank you for the reply!