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"Subscription Required" but I have a subscription

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I have a trial subscription and downloaded the 3 plugins tied to Strata - but the samples are still marked "Subscription Required".

Not sure what I'm missing here? i've tried logging out and back in and rebooting the launcher
asked Oct 15, 2022 in How tos and working with Strata by Clayton T. (110 points)

1 Answer

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Would you mind confirming the launcher version you have (Help --> About), restarting it and logging it again.

It should corrected now.
answered Oct 17, 2022 by Devon M. (Audiokinetic) (2,180 points)

I'm still locked out. The samples are marked "subscription required"
FYI - I'm on a Mac mini M1
A free subscription to Strata grants users the abiltly to download the collection "Strata Sample 01"   -

The "Strata Sample 01" collection contains REAPER projects, rendered and source media from 7 of the initial 14 collections.  All other collections in the Strata tab of the launcher will be flagged "Subscription Required" until an Enterprise or Personal Strata subscription is purchased for your account.