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Failed Creating Opus Decoder and Source Starvation Errors on Nintendo Switch

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I'm currently building for Nintendo Switch and have set all audio to OpusNX. When playing the build, we are getting dozens of "Failed creating Opus Decoder" errors and multiple Source Starvation errors, which are heavily impacting the sound in the game.

At present, we have tried:

  • Lowering the overall quality of all audio in the Conversion Settings
  • Setting the sounds to either variable or constant bitrate
  • Reducing frame size
  • Increasing the I/O memory size in the Wwise Initialization Settings in Unity
  • Clearing the cache of all WEM files and regenerating everything 

Our current conversion settings for all audio is:

Quality: 9

Mode: Constant Bitrate

Frame Size: 20ms

Regardless of the things we have tried, there are no fewer instances of these errors.

asked Nov 17, 2022 in General Discussion by Sam T. (110 points)
Hi there,

  We seem to be having similar issues, did you figure anything out with this?

- Chance

1 Answer

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You probably need to be more selective about what sounds you encode as Opus rather than just blanketly applying it. The Nintendo Switch has a reasonably small number of hardware decoders available for use, so it sounds like you are exceeding the limit (24 I think).

Our approach was to use Opus for large samples e.g. music, and to use ADPCM for the rest.

answered May 17, 2023 by Graeme L. (140 points)