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About the Foot Steps 3D Sound

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I create footsteps sound position in 3D, but our game is a TPS (third personal shoot) game. I found the foot steps sound is at left, because the Player is at left on screen.

so how can I positon the sound on middle.
asked Oct 11, 2013 in General Discussion by HongTao (280 points)
edited Oct 11, 2013 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic)

1 Answer

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I suggest you read the following topic in the help file about 3D sounds:

Wwise Help > Using Sounds and Motion to Enhance Gameplay > Defining Positioning for Sound and Motion > Working with 3D Sound, Music, and Motion FX Objects

Then if you want the sound to be always centered, you can select 2D for your sound instead (no panner).
answered Oct 11, 2013 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (35,110 points)