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UnrealEngine 3 Errors while building a mac project

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I am working on a Mac build form our game, and received the Mac SDK from Wwise and I added it to the UnrealEngine3/Development/External/Wwise/SDK folder, both on Windows and on Mac. Also I installed Wwise on Mac.

But I am getting errors which are related to Wwise when trying to compile the Mac project from Karmaflow.
All the errors related to Wwise are a some file that cannot be found in the include header from a *.h file. I had no problems with these files when compiling for Windows, but they keep coming up when compiling for mac.

Example from one of the errors:

2>  In file included from ../../Development/Intermediate/KFGame/Mac/Release/Engine/Unity_UnGameEtAl.cpp:9:
2>D:\Basecamp Games\Projects\Karmaflow\Development-UE3\Development\Src\Engine\Src\UnGame.cpp(35): fatal error : '..\..\AkAudio\Inc\AkAudioDevice.h' file not found
2>  #include "..\..\AkAudio\Inc\AkAudioDevice.h"
2>           ^
2>  1 error generated.

The file AkAudioDevice.h is not missing at all in the directory it points to, but somehow when building for mac I keep getting these errors. Any idea where this is coming from?

Thanks for any help in advance!

asked Jul 20, 2015 in General Discussion by Ivo v. (100 points)

1 Answer

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I ran into this as well and I had to change the include paths from Windows-style backslashes (\) to Unix-style forward slashes (/) in order to get this code to compile.
answered Aug 17, 2016 by Tom F. (200 points)