Wwise Authoring is currently not compatible with macOS Catalina. We recommend that you remain on the current version of your operating system until further notice.

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No sound from Wwise on Mac.

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Hi everyone.

I have installed everything and followed the instructions step-by-step for Wwise. Still it won't play any sound. I'm on Mac OSX Yosemite. Wwise was supposed to install the Microsoft Visual C++ file package in order for it to run properly on mac. It never did this, and I believe that is why I cannot get any sound from Wwise. However, I can't download and install it myself because it's only for windows!!? How can I download it so Wwise will actually work!? Please help!!


Thank you.
asked Dec 16, 2015 in General Discussion by Wesley D. (110 points)
I have kind of the same problem, but C++ was installed on my mac system. There is no sound coming from Wwise. The meter is not moving. However, I can hear the sound from the actual game after generating soundbanks. Please help.
Fixing this was rather easy for myself:

Simply, go into "project" -> "User Preferences"


Under the "Sound Engine" click on the drop down bar "Audio System" and select "Directsound"

This worked for me.

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Have you checked your user preferences in the authoring ? Navigate to Project > User Preferences (or use shortcut Shift+U) and make sure the "Audio System" is set to "Detect" or "DirectSound".

Secondly, you need Microsoft Visual C++ to be able to use the authoring on Mac. If you think something went wrong during redistributable installation, you can perform these steps to make a clean install:

1- Close Wwise Authoring.

2- Delete your Wwise user preference folder located under ~/Library/Application Support/Wwise.

3- Make sure you have an internet connection.

4- Restart Wwise Authoring application, it will automatically download the "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Setup" that will be installed on your Mac on a per user basis.

5- Click " I agree to the licence terms and condition " and proceed with Installation.

5- Wwise will be launched automatically upon completion of the "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable" installation.
answered Dec 22, 2015 by Fabien B. (Audiokinetic) (12,200 points)
I've got sound from my macbook speakers. But I'm operating with external sound card - rme babyface. If I'm launching wwise with it connected, there is no sound nor meter moving. If I'm launching it without connection to the sound card, there is normal sound. Audio System is set to detect.

What can I do to make wwise detect that external sound card and use it to monitor sound from Wise?
I'm wondering about the same thing. When I set Mac OS core audio to play via my external UA Apollo sound card Wwise get silent (preview in finder and everything else work perfectly). Only if I set core audio to internal speakers Wwise plays back. This results in an awkward workflow.

How to solve this?
Thanks for the help, Fabien B.