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Easiest way to integrate streaming

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I'm trying to use Wwise in an iOS app, and am confused by the "Initialize the Different Modules of the Sound Engine" section.

It wants

#include <AkFilePackageLowLevelIOBlocking.h>                    // Sample low-level I/O implementation

but this is not in "$(WWISESDK)\include" (sic). It's actually in a "samples" folder.

Am I just supposed to copy the samples into my project? Is there a way to just use libraries (the way all the other modules get initialized)? I realize that Wwise is giving me tons of flexibility, but it's unlikely to matter in my app, and I just want the simplest way to get started.

asked Jan 19, 2016 in General Discussion by David D. (120 points)
I ended up copying “sample code” into my project, but this feels wrong. And it is certainly not in the basic steps for getting started.

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Sometimes, clients prefer to write their own low-level IO code. For example, our UE4 integration uses a custom built IO hook that uses the Unreal IO system. However, some clients prefer a more out-of-the-box experience, which is why we provide samples for the IO hook. Feel free to use them in your game; they will just work for you.

Don't forget to copy the samples for all the platforms your game supports!
answered Feb 16, 2016 by Benoit S. (Audiokinetic) (15,900 points)