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RTPC Update Frequency or RTPC priority (Feature Request)

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There are some times that I'd like to use an RTPC but I don't need it to update every frame. In situations where I don't need high temporal resolution of a parameter, it would be nice to specify that this RTPC is lower priority with the intention of saving on CPU usage.

Would this idea work in saving CPU usage for RTPCs?
asked Feb 23, 2016 in General Discussion by Daniel B. (230 points)

1 Answer

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You don't need to update an RTPC each frame, the value will stay the same until you change it again.  It is your game code that calls SetRTPCValue, you can call it with any frequency you need.  In fact, your game code should not update RTPCs each frame, especially for RTPCs that don't change values.  Finally, while extreme RTPC usage can cause CPU problems, it is usually not the case.  If you have CPU problems you should look at codecs and effects usage first, way before RTPC usage.
answered Feb 24, 2016 by Mathieu J. (Audiokinetic) (7,040 points)
selected Feb 29, 2016 by Daniel B.
Thanks for the clarification. I do not specifically have CPU problems with RTPCs but I do have intentions to use lots of them. It's good to know that I should maximize my savings in other areas first before looking at RTPCs. Thanks