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Simulator spews GetProperty: AudioSessionGetProperty ('sash') failed with error: 'pty?'

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I am trying to integrate the Wwise sound engine into my app. When I run it in Simulator, I get an endless stream of console logging:

AVAudioSessionUtilities.h:124: GetProperty_DefaultToZero: AudioSessionGetProperty ('sash') failed with error: 'pty?'

osx 10.11.2

xcode version 7.2

ios sdk 9.2

wwise version 2016.1.0_5775
asked Jul 13, 2016 in General Discussion by song w. (110 points)
Did you try it on your iOS device?   The pty? error means that the 'sash' property of your audio system or hardware is not supported.  This error can sometimes only occur in the Simulator since there are certain hardware limitations.  

On the iOS developer page 'sash' is not one of the listed audio session property IDs.  It's possible you or Wwise is using deprecated code.

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