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Are cooldowns possible?

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Is there any way to set up timed cooldown within Wwise? Say, a dialog event that I only want to play when triggered after every 10 seconds.
asked Apr 4, 2014 in General Discussion by Ben G. (140 points)
This needs to be built in.

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Not directly. You can use a sequence container with a voice limit of 1. That sequence container contains 2 objects. The first is the dialog sound you want to play. The second object is a Wwise silence object with a duration of 10secs. Set the sequence container to continuous so that it will play the silent object immediately after the first.

The next time that sequence container is player, the Silence object will be occupying its voice limit of 1 and so you will have to wait until that Silence object finishes before that dialog object will play again.

Is that what you mean?

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answered Apr 15, 2014 by Daniel B. (540 points)
selected May 26, 2014 by Adrien L. (Audiokinetic)
Ah, yes. That's the trick. Cooldowns are common enough that I thought I must be doing it wrong. Thanks though!