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Does C# API documentation exist?

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Looking for a file like the Wwise SDK help file that has all the detailed everything, but in C# for Unity use instead. I'm trying to do some more advanced things (dymanic bussing assignments, external sourcing, mic input), but it's really hard to reference the c++ api because the mapping into c# is somewhat unpredictable.

asked May 29, 2014 in General Discussion by andymule (280 points)

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There is not much difference between the C# and C++ API.  There are a few exceptions, which are documented in the "API Changes and Limitations" section of the documentation.   You can find the Unity Integration specific documentation inside your Unity project, under Assets\Wwise\Documentation.  But I agree, this doc is somewhat thin on details.

That said, for the 3 features you list:

- Dynamic bussing: I guess you are talking about Auxiliary Sends?  That's supported and works through the SetGameObjectSendValues function, like in the C++ API.  You can check in the Assets\Wwise\Examples folder, in the files AkEnvironment.cs for an example on how to use that if you want to do your own system.

- External sources: Limited to one source per event (which is 99.999% of the cases).

- Microphone is not supported in Unity integration yet.

Finally, let me mention that we'll be releasing a new version of the Unity plugin quite soon (next few weeks) with better doc and a much easier project setup, amongst other things.

answered May 29, 2014 by Mathieu J. (Audiokinetic) (7,120 points)
selected May 29, 2014 by andymule
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Wwise Audio Input in unity
Good afternoon, has this issue of microphone integration in Unity been resolved yet? We really want to use the microphone with Wwise and Unity 5!