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Custom GUI creation for plugins

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Hi y'all, I'm looking at building a chiptune-style synthesizer as a wwise plugin but it isn't clear to me from the example plugin projects whether it possible to implement custom GUI for plugins in wwise. Is there a gui library that I'm missing which is callable from plugins, or can we use gui libs like qt to create custom gui that is visible in the wwise editor?


asked Apr 11, 2017 in General Discussion by Chris W. (110 points)

1 Answer

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Did you ever figure out how to do this? I'm trying to do the same thing.
answered Mar 22, 2018 by Robert H. (140 points)
Sadly no- I ended up giving up and building directly in Unity. I did hear a lot of rumbings about windows MFC- sounds like there might be some avenues that allow you to access mfc from within a wwise plugin. Wish I’d remembered to ask the wwise devs last week at GDC!