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Is it possible to pause an interactive music container (switch, playlist...) that is not at the root of the hierarchy?

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The game I'm working on has all music managed by a single complex music switch container. When the game is paused, I'd like to pause the narrative, synced to picture music segments, but not the systemic ones (such as explo music). However it seems pausing a child element of our hierarchy, as opposed to the root element, has no effect. Is that the intended behaviour? Is it actually impossible to pause anything but a root container in the interactive music hierarchy?

I've also tried routing different elements of the hierarchy to different buses, but the same thing happens: it seems the pause action only works on the bus that's playing the root element...

Thanks :)
asked Jun 29, 2017 in General Discussion by Matthieu B. (730 points)

1 Answer

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+1. I'm just trying to do this and discovering it doesn't work as expected. Any solution?
answered Sep 3 by Jethro D. (140 points)