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Unreal 4.16.2 Wwise 2017.1.2.6361 Wwise Engine Plugin Unreal Editor fails to load - AkAudio not found

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I have tried to install Wwise as an Engine Plugin with a custom version of UE4.1.2. Loading the Editor fails with  " AkAudio not found"

 Why do I get this error ? Have followed to the letter the instruction here.

I previously tried installing Wwise Integration for 4.16, as a Game plugin but Project refused to load as Unreal error reports

Following modules are missing(they are not) or built with a different version of the engine,

UE4Editor-AkAudio.dll etc.

Trying to rebuild fails and suggests to rebuild from source.

However I did use the 4.16 integration.

I do not care which version Game or Engine Plugin works as long as one of them does.

Is there a way to convince Unreal that they are the same engine version ?

I am not a programmer, or have Visual Studio C++ installed ? But can follow instructions.
asked Oct 2, 2017 in General Discussion by Simon P. (100 points)

1 Answer

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So I had the same problem as you with the same versions of UE4 and Wwise. I even tested other versions of both Ue4 and Wwise, the problem still persisted.

After a lot of research, I discovered that it's a UE4 issue, that started around 4.15. Whenever you add a third party plugin as a project plugin, hot reload will just stop working, and you'll have to rebuild your project, every time you change the C++ code.

So to fix this, what we did is, we made Wwise as a Engine plugin, rather than a project specific plugin. If you dontknow what s the difference, here's a link. Delete Wwise plugin from your project and make it an engine plugin, and it will work for you, because, an engine plugin, is built just once, so It wont interfere with the hot reload.

answered Oct 11, 2017 by Aissa B. (200 points)
So how to make it as an Engine plugin?