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Initialization Failure. Failed to import cxutils module into Python. See console for errors.

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Hey All, 


I've been unable to launch Wwise :( on my Mac, which is running Sierra. Here's the error I get on launch:

"Initialization Failure

CrossOver is unable to initialize a critical component.

Failed to import cxutils module into Python.  See console for errors.

The program will now exit."

I just can't figure out what's going wrong here, any help would be very gratefully received. 

Many thanks,


asked Oct 3, 2017 in General Discussion by Adam G. (150 points)
Could you provide the macOS version and the Wwise version?
Sure thing. It's Sierra 10.12.6 and this appears to be with any version of Wwise, I've tried it with many of them.

OK, I've checked and I certainly have Python2.6 installed, I've also renamed the .pth file but still no success.
Just reinstalled High Sierra in fact, but still getting the same error.

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