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Reset Sequence Container Playlist

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Is there a way to reset the sequence variation for a sequence container that is "mid-sequence"?


Ex. Sequence Container w/ 4 variations in playlist

  • Event plays Sequence Container variation 1
  • Event plays Sequence Container variation 2
  • Event plays Sequence Container variation 1 (instead of  Sequence Container variation 3)

So far, the Break Event Action does not "Reset" the playlist.





asked Jul 16, 2014 in General Discussion by Damian K. (910 points)

3 Answers

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Instead of a sequence container, you could use a switch container using an RTPC parameter to control what sound to play. Use an event that does +1 to the RTPC and also plays the switch container. Then have another event that can reset the RTPC value.

I suppose the trade-off is that if your RTPC value is 1, 2, 3, once it gets to 3, you'll also have to manually reset the RTPC unlike with a sequence container which would automatically go back to the beginning. At least they can be the same event though for resetting mid-sequence and resetting at the end.
answered Jul 16, 2014 by Daniel Beck (370 points)
Hey, this is a really cool suggestion and would totally work!
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By selecting the Game Object scope in the Sequence Container's Property Editor, every game object will have its own playlist context.  You could kill the game object at MAGIC_HAPPENS_HERE, and recreate it.  Don't know if that is feasible for you?

answered Jul 16, 2014 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (25,010 points)
Definitely not ideal to go around destroying game objects. :)

Would be great to have an Event Action to Reset the Playlist!
For reference, this is feature request WG-14398.
Golden! Thanks for logging it!
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As of 2015.1.9, an event can be created to reset the playlist.

It would be nice to be able to do this from code without creating a separate event for it (such as through EventAction or ExecuteActionOnEvent) but it appears that can't be done yet.
answered Dec 9, 2018 by Matt J. (300 points)